Organizations and managers should organise their work around Projects.

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Good Day!

There is no better way to finish a year full of exciting news with Roger Martin. Roger has an extraordinary career, full of achievements and recognitions. In 2017 he was named the world’s #1 management thinker by Thinkers50. He has published 25 articles in Harvard Business Review and 11 bestselling books!

Two things struck me in our conversation:

  1. Roger has an astonishing ability to simplify complex matters, cut through the chase and explain with plain words the essences of some of the most intricate management topics, mainly around strategy.
  2. The second eye opening was Roger is actually one of the first thought leaders who wrote about the importance of projects and project management in his HBR article “Rethinking the Decision Factory”[1].

My advocacy vis a vis projects is that the entire decision factory (white collars work) should be thought of as nothing but projects. Projects, projects and more projects; managers should organise their life around projects.”

“I would argue that companies that have organised white collar work around projects are winning.”

You can find an extract of the interview here and the full video version on the Project Revolution youtube channel. Hope you enjoy it and learn from Roger’s extraordinary wisdom. I want to take the opportunity to thank your for reading my post this year. Not easy to find the time when there is so much information around us.

Finally, I wish you an extraordinary Holiday’s season with your loved ones, and a fabulous 2019!

Keep well,

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1. October 2013,