Project Manifesto


The Guiding Principles of the Project Economy

Good Day!

I hope you are doing well.

After months of hectic activity, it is time to get back talking about the latest trends in the Project Economy.

Sara, a good friend told me recently: “After +20 years working in the credit risk department at an international Bank, which is now being heavily automated, I have been appointed project director of a large compliance project! At first, I was worried. Suddenly what seemed a clear career path disappeared. It was being replaced by a role in a project for the next 12 months… and nothing concrete after. It took me a couple of weeks to get over my concern; now I am truly enjoying it, I learn new things every day, about myself, about others and about the bank.”

Sara’s story is not the only one, more and more people are shifting functional jobs – what has been the norm for the past 60 years – to project-based roles.

Another example that we are witnessing the rise of projects as the main unit of work, as well as the essential model to deliver change and create value for individuals, organizations, and society at large.

Yet, despite this surge in project activities and project spending, the risk of project failure continues to be huge and will continue to increase unless organizations and governments embrace advanced project leadership practices.

Widely used management disciplines are often linked to a few simple frameworks that can be easily understood, and applied, not only by managers but also by the majority of individuals. Porter’s Five Forces is a great example. In contrast, project management methods have tended to be too complex to be easily understood and applied by non-experts.

Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that we saw the rise of agile, triggered by the Agile Manifesto, in February 2001 by 17 independent-minded software practitioners.

I firmly believe that it is time that we co-create the Project Manifesto. My proposal is composed of the 12 guiding principles that you can see below. Appreciate if you can share your thoughts, add or challenge them, and ultimately endorse the Manifesto.

Thanks in advance. Keep well.


Project Management Champion to the World