Implementation matters.

Yet, implementation is often neglected, and its results are frequently unpredictable. Problems encountered with the implementation of strategy often lie not with any flaws in the strategy itself but rather in a failure to implement it effectively. Such failures can mean that strategic initiatives are only partially successful and lead to frustration as the hoped-for strategic benefits are not realized. Ultimately, they can result in the decline or even failure of the organization and employee disengagement as a whole.

Through our unique Projects & Co method, our global team of experts, and world-class gurus, we help you with prioritization and the implementation of your transformation strategy and change projects.


Our special teams combine hands-on experts with thought leaders and fresh perspectives from younger generations.

  • Projects & Co has one of the most experienced global networks of hand on experts, most of them having more than 20 years working in projects, transformation, and large implementation initiatives.
  • Projects & Co has agreements with some of the world’s top thought leaders, who participate with their latest thinking in partnership with our global experts.
  • Projects & Co has also partnered with several young professional associations, which provide a different look at complex issues and solutions.


Is it time to put the plan into action? The implementation phase is often the most gratifying because work gets done, but it can also be the most frustrating. The details can be tedious and, at times, overwhelming.

No single approach works for all projects. A method that’s right for a large project can easily swamp a small one with paperwork, whereas a method for small projects won’t have enough muscle for a big one.

Throughout our extensive research and practice in the field, we have developed our unique and proven approach to help you implement your strategies and projects. What’s more, we embed change management in our approach to ensure your organization and employees are engaged with your implementation plans.



Cultural Transformations

Create a culture that strives for execution, excellence and collaboration.

Board Of Directors

Assistance to Chairs and Directors in shifting the focus of their BoD from value preservation (monitoring) to value creation (leading); and increasing the strategic dialogue.

Strategy Implementation

Advise to CEO and Executive Teams on how to increase value creation by developing their organizations strategy implementation competencies and drive execution.

Portfolio Management

Support in the design and set-up of a Portfolio Management Office; design of a project selection and prioritization framework; implementation of PPM tools.

Project Mgmt. Office 2.0

Assistance in the transition from a traditional technical / monitoring PMO to a strategic / leading PMO; embracing the creation of a world-class PMO Center of Excellence.

Program Management

Raise success rate of your programs, build a customized framework using PMI/Prince2 principles, learn latest on benefits & risk management, create a community of practice.

Post-Merger Integration

Learn why most mergers fail to deliver the expected synergies in the integration, and how you can increase the rates of success of your mergers. Support in setting up and running of Integration Offices.

Policy Implementation

Assistance to senior government officials in setting up a vision for their country / region; support in the selection and implementation of policies; pre & post impact evaluation.