We provide state-of-the-art PMO outsourcing services, experience resources, and technology, both for a specific transformation program as well as an ongoing basis.
If you consider that your PMO is not a core competency in your organization or not adding enough value, rather than spending thousands of euros on building PMO competencies or paying external consultants, consider outsourcing.

Benefits of Outsourcing your PMO

Outsourcing of PMO functions has not received much attention in the past, yet it is in an area which can bring significant advantages to your organization:

  • Increases flexibility a
  • Eliminates low added value activities and reduces costs
  • Frees-up internal resources to focus on project implementation
  • Opportunity to learn from experts to improve internal performance
  • More accurate portfolio information to allow senior leaders better decision-making
  • Access to the latest project management systems and technologies such as AI and big data
  • More accurate project information to enable project managers to focus on critical priorities

outsourceExample of PMO Outsourcing services providing a follow-up application used by French President Emmanuel Macron.

You have established a PMO, or network of PMOs, to guarantee consistency of approach across projects. Your PMOs have established project management methods, defining processes and procedures, from project selection to implementation, providing project structure, and deploying supporting systems and tools. They also offer project management development and training. Yet, after successfully establishing all these frameworks, your PMOs might struggle to justify their added value.

Time to consider outsourcing your PMOs?