Through our nonprofit branch and community of 400+ volunteers worldwide, Global Initiatives for Positive Impact, we dedicate hundreds of hours to support struggling organizations that can not afford to pay for consulting services.
Harness the power of our networks and their capabilities to address the global crisis and generate a positive impact on as many individuals as possible.
Getting back to a new normal today. COVID has forced millions of small businesses communities into finding innovative ways to reach consumers with their goods and services.

Pro-Bono Services

New Strategies & Busines Models

The NSBM developed a unique and insightful report by surveying a 100 companies worldwide. Then took the feedback and developed a common-sense technology approach by developing a mobile application to help businesses stay open. Also, read all the practical tips and tricks from businesses joining the movement to look forward to a new normal. Let’s take care of each other and keep our businesses open.



Coaching for a positive and inclusive culture is essential in the implementation of new normal strategies.

  • When the world comes together to fight an unknown variable (i.e., Coronavirus pandemic), we are stronger because we have a united front.
  • What is the secret of resilience when two organizations can have the same strategy, but how they implement their culture drives it. And that unique stance needs to be coached. We are your coaching experts in a multilingual and multifaceted world.


PMO & Project Management

Our project management office (PMO) provides an innovative structure that standardizes the project-related governance processes and facilitates sharing resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques. We collaborate to generate a positive end-to-end experience for all businesses worldwide. Check out our new path to a new normal.


Creative Collision

The wider Creative Collision group gave birth to a small dedicated team with the mission to provide an accelerator of ideas that creates, develops, and delivers global projects that have a Positive Impact and a lasting, tangible effect on the quality of life.


About Global Initiatives for Positive Impact

The non for profit group was established in March 2020.

In these uncertain and difficult times, I have been lucky to be part of Marshall Goldsmith’s generosity. We have daily calls with the MG100 coaches group to share updates and exchange ideas on how we can help others. I thought of replication of the idea with my network of friends and colleagues, from the world of projects and project management, and many other backgrounds.”

Marshall GoldsmithMarshall Goldsmith
Together we can create a very strong global community to try to help as many people as possible and get us ready for the better times hopefully soon to come.