Frednand Furia

Frednand Furia

Job title: Principal Consultant

Short Biography

Principal Consultant of Furia Consulting Ltd and a Member of Board of Advisory for Scott S. Perry CPA PLLC since 2015. He offers consultancy services on project management, monitoring & evaluation, business process management, trust assurance, and training services.

Frednand holds Master of Science in Public Policy & Management (MSPPM) from Carnegie Mellon University, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management (BAAFM) from University of Sunderland, and an Advanced Diploma in Accountancy (ADA) from the Institute of Finance Management.



“Knowledge is worth its most when solving problems” I am such a professional who is an asset to clients. I believe that the true measure of my qualifications is the ability to help clients meet their objectives. My approach is centered on adding value first to clients and clients will add value to me in return. I bring consulting mindset with a combination of public and corporate business skills developed while solving problems over the years I have been working with various employers and clients in energy sector, technology, and public policy reformation program. My clients immediately gain Critical thinking and Directive consultation, Results oriented leadership, Trustworthy and Innovation.

Companies worked for

Scott S. Perry CPA Pllc, Open Technology Foundation, Carnegie Mellon University, Consolidated Holding Corporation, Oryx Energies (Oryx Oil Company Ltd)

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