What makes Projects & Co. different from other consulting companies?

Projects & Co. is a no frill consulting service. You only pay for the services you need and choose yourself.  You create your own budget. We teach you effective consulting techniques which you can apply yourself.

Why is Projects & Co. cheaper than other consulting companies?

We are an online platform to exchange market intelligence and expertise.  We have no offices and low overhead costs. We do not charge by the hour like most other consultants, but we let you choose what services you require.  Our consultants are from reputable firms who choose to work for Projects & Co. during slower business periods, allowing us to be competitive in our rates.

What services does Projects & Co. provide?

Projects & Co. provides access to case studies and marketing intelligence for all major industries.  These are updated continuously to provide the most accurate and relevant data for our clients. We also provide online training modules in various areas such as project management, business processes, management techniques, and many others.  Lastly Projects & Co. offers live 24/7 support from our consultants by phone, e-mail, or video conference.

How do I know if your services provide value for money?

To become a consultant at Projects & Co. you must pass one of our rigorous tests pertaining to a specific area of expertise.  Then proof of accomplishments must be submitted in the form of case studies, past project reports, or written articles. Lastly every consultant has to pass a background and reference check. This way we ensure that only the real “experts” become Projects & Co. consultants.
We also ask our clients to share their achievements using our consulting techniques by writing case studies. Our experience has shown that these real life testimonials are highly valued by our clients.

Do you provide on-site consultants?

No, we are an online-based company which does not send consultants to work at companies. We encourage our clients to be become their own consultants by providing them with the training they require to become successful in their industry.  This way we also keep our costs down.

I am starting a small new business with my wife; do you provide services for small startups?

Projects & Co. aims to make consulting affordable and available to all types of companies, especially those who previously would not consider consulting services due to high cost or perceived complexity.