Glenn Gentile

Glenn Gentile

Job title: Project Engineer specializing in Mechanical Engineering(PE) and Lean Six Sigma

Short Biography

BSME with a PE license and 5 patents, designed Cruise Missiles, Aircraft Engine Nacelles, worked with R+D as a prototype project engineer bringing new technologies from the lab to production using lean methodologies. Developed color printer/copiers as well as DNA sequencers and helped set up factory production lines to produce high volume paper products in Virginia, Germany and Ireland.


Each project I worked on in my career provided valuable experience with many successful products and results. I have photos and models to share and I like to tell success stories to provide enthusiasm and ideas to others that could help clients be productive and strategic in achieving their goals. I really enjoy inspiring and helping others succeed!

Companies worked for

General Dynamics Convair Division, Rohr Industries now Raytheon Aerospace, Hewlett Packard, Solar Guard a division of Saint Gobain, Illumina Gene Sequencing.

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