Muhammad Aslam Mirza

Muhammad Aslam Mirza

Job title: CEO

Short Biography

• CEO, ICMS [Integrated Corporate Management Solutions Pvt., Ltd]: a strategic project management services provider to business and industry for advancement in strategic direction through building organizational competence and high performing culture.

Prime responsibilities included: development of strategy for advancement, meeting with business opportunity, customer satisfaction, building & enhancing capacity for an assignments, moving with major market trends and changing requirements for combination of IA, Robots and Human for enhanced productivity. Present engagements are noted following;
o Pakistan Petroleum Limited, [Oil and Gas Exploration Company] - application of PM-systems.
o Management of Global Symposium/conferences/webinars/virtual conferencing under the theme of “The Power of Project Management” see website:
o Corporate Professional Training on Project Management for capacity building & Organizational Culture for high performance, high productivity and sustainable growth.
o Support Consulting Services for Development of Dominating Organizational Culture for High Performance, High Productivity and Sustainable Growth.

● Captured insights for advancement of Strategy in Research based 4-books Mirza 2018 – Project Management and Leadership Challenges, Publisher BEP, USA.
i. Vol. –I – Applying Project Management Principles for Organizational Transformation
ii. Vol. – II – Understanding Human Factors and Workplace Environment

iii. Vol. – III – Respecting Diversity, Building Team, Meaningfulness and Growing to Leadership
iv. Vol. – IV – Agility in Project Management and Collaboration

• CEO & Managing Director, PRECO [Project Engineering Company Private Limited], 1982-1995; practiced strategy management in construction engineering and contracting commitments and met satisfactorily with the needs & expectations of the stakeholders.

• Development of PMI Global Standards – contributed with global team for the processes in strategy implementation and building competence for noted following;
● OPM3– 2002 and continued till release in 2006
● Portfolio Management Ed-1
● Program Management Ed-1&2
● Construction Extension Ed-1 &2
● PMCDF Ed-1
● OPM Practice Guide 2014
● OPM Standard 2018

● Special Skills for Strategy Advancement
a. Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Delivery. 2020, PMI Bright line Institute, US
b. Managing the Future Organizations, 2020, Imperial College, London, UK
c. Creative Thinking, 2020, University of London, UK
d. Introduction to Negotiation, 2020 University of Yale, US
e. Mind-shift – 2020 McMaster University, US
f. Corporate Strategy – 2020, University of London, UK
g. Organizational Project Management, 2013, PMI eLearn, USA


Practicing Strategi Project Management is my passion and it fits well with organizations for business advancement in the present time of pandemic and perpetual disruptions.

Companies worked for

1. Integrated Corporate Management Solutions Pvt., Ltd, Pakistan
2. Project Engineering Co., Pvt., Ltd., Pakistan
3. Maynar Housing Co., Pvt., Ltd., Pakistan
4. MacDonald Layton & Costain Ltd., UK & Pakistan

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