Job title: IT Project Manager

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Over the years, my technology experience has been focused mostly on leading projects, helping develop and execute on business processes driven application development and project management, researching and recommending software solutions, writing alternative analysis, and advising leadership on best practices and processes in leading IT. As part of the President’s Management Agenda of 2017, to upskill and reskill technology professionals, I pitched and secured funding to train the organization’s IT professionals (45 staff) as a group, providing training in the most pressing areas of introduction to project management, project management bootcamp, IT business analysis, emerging technologies, and IT frameworks. This effort started in 2018 and has been funded every year. To develop this effort further, my leadership has partnered with IT leaders and human resources to provide competencies and skills gap analysis to further focus our training efforts.


I am passionate about technology, project management, and organizational change management and how they can impact organizations. I also, think the project manager's soft skills play a significant impact in stakeholder engagement and the trust and collaboration of the project team. I research and provide my organization substantive information on these issues that we can use to upskill and bring more understanding in this field.

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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