Priyanka Ganatra

Priyanka Ganatra

Job title: Industry Portfolio Manager

Short Biography

I am a Project Management Professional (also certified PMP) with an overall experience of 11+ years. Through my career I have worked on diverse projects in the realms of process improvement, solutions implementations, new product development, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and so on. My experience has been across industries such as SaaS based product companies, IT and Engineering Solutions and also within Shipping and Logistics. Most recently, as a conscious career move, I have relocated from India to Germany and navigating through new challenges and learnings that come with, when moving to a new geography.


I came across Projects & Co via a Case Study I was reading on HBR around AI and Project Management. Intrigue brought me here and curiosity made me fill up this form 🙂

Companies worked for

Akkodis GmBH
Maersk Group
Zycus Infotech

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