Shingo Sakurai

Shingo Sakurai

Job title: President, Self-Owned Company

Short Biography

Born in Japan.
At the age of 7, stayed in NJ USA for nearly 4 years due to my father's job and experienced multi-culture which made me very open minded and positive thinking.
Good at listening to what people say and verbalize / summarize one's cloud in mind, to reach out to substantial point.
During my 32 years career in manufacturing companies, was assigned as MD/GM of global sites (Holland / Germany / Philippines) as well as Project Manager.
Now started to learn "Zen", since there are many things which can be utilized for business.


Many Japanese companies have been struggling to find the right answer, since that was mostly the way that they have been succeeding in their field.
However, VUCA + COVID have led them to even worse situation.
Thus, companies started to launch various projects, but now, they are struggling with too low ratio of project failure.
My motivation is to revive Japanese companies by providing the support to learn the right way to handle the project as well as defining the right strategy.

Companies worked for

Self-owned (2021- )
*preparing to establish registered legal entity by June 2021

Fuji Seal International Inc. (2017-2020)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (1989-2016)

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